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Louise Ellis is a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (psychology support) and Chartered Scientist (CSci.) who   provides performance support to professional boxers, professional MMA fighters and combat fighters at International level in Kick Boxing and Karate.

Louise has worked with professional boxers for a variety of reasons, some feel that anxiety / nerves (in the mind or body) hold them back and hinders their decision making whilst others are at  the opposite end of the spectrum and have too much adrenaline and intensity which can affect good decision making in the ring.  Other boxers and combat fighters are working with Louise to regain their professional licence or are coming to the end of their careers and want to finish with a good fight.

It is well documented that exceptional levels of physical strength, resilience and mental toughness are fundamental qualities for professional and amateur fighters. Whilst most fighters have well-honed and disciplined training programmes for diet and physical development, there is also growing interest amongst fighters to learn about additional performance tools and techniques to enable the mind and body to work in synch. Here are some examples of the types of work Louise has undertaken with professional fighters:

Anxiety control and management in the build up to a fight and in the ring Increasing fight level attention & focus (during the fight and training) Dealing with the unexpected in the ring – adopting a strong and clear mind to react to a varitey of situations.
Identifying barriers and beliefs affecting performance boxing gloves Reaching the most ‘fight productive’ intensity level. Controlling aggression, frustration and high levels of unproductive adrenaline / arousal.
Increasing confidence and self-belief Reducing injury related fear Simulation training in the ring


Boxing and combat consultancy can be provided individually, in small groups or for groups of trainers. Louise also offers online consultancy to boxers and combat fighters and will use a variety of approaches to support the boxer’s individual performance needs. Please read the sports psychology at athlete’s mind page to see the type of work Louise undertakes with atheltes in person or online. Programmes are individually tailored to facilitate training of the mind and body, either as part of the build up to a fight or as part of your long term performance plan.

For an assured confidential discussion please contact Louise.

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