Performance Support

Louise Ellis is BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology) and a senior lecturer in sport psychology at a UK University.  Louise  is an active researcher in the area and has, for example, published work in sport psychology and biofeedback in peer reviewed books or journals (e.g.  Global Practices and Training in Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance: A Case Study Approach – Chapter 11, p.88).


As a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology), Louise offers one-to-one sessions in person and also online.    Athletes can  book online sessions in the privacy of their own home. Clients can engage in short term or long term programmes of work depending on individual needs and requirements.

Louise provides a variety of packages to suit UK based or Overseas clients.

  1. 1. Face-to-face profile sessions – 2/3 hours of psychological profiling with interventions provided to immdiately address core performance issues. Biofeedback and / or Neurofeedback training will take place depending on profiling and discussions with the athlete.
  2. Online video skype or voice profile sessions – 2/3 hours of profiling with interventions provided to immediately address core issues from online discussion and profile.
  3. Depending on results and requirements – followed by  1, 3, 4, 6 session packages online or face to face (combination of above to suit individual)
  4. Hourly sessions online. Skype Voice and Skype Video Online.
  5. Day / weekend consultancy in athlete environment.
  6. Yearly / Competitive Season programmes of work for the professional athlete wanting regular holistic support.
  7. Telephone (hourly / Packaged session).
  8. Day workshops / residential camp workshops


Team or group sessions

Using a variety of approaches, team and group sessions are conducted to maximise group dynamics, cohesion and individual performance areas. Sessions help to create a reflective and productive team and group environment. Team or group sessions enable coaches and athletes to effectively devise and implement tools and techniques to suit their goals, objectives and roles.


Louise will conduct workshops for your organisation, team or club. According to your needs, she will demonstrate how you can effectively integrate psychological principles from sport into your coaching environment. Workshops are highly productive and you will go away with tools you can use in your coaching.

When undertaking consultancy with Louise a series of steps are adopted so you can be assured professional standards are adhered to.

These are to:

  1. Initially conduct a needs analysis with the individual/team/coach and identify a clear and precise statement of the programme of work.
  2. Use the most appropriate assessment techniques and methods to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.
  3. Ensure quality feedback is provided and continuity of contact with performers through face-to-face meetings, group consultations, written correspondence and telephone contact.
  4. Implement performance strategies and mind training into the performers training schedules and competition and observe them at practice or competition.
  5. Be open, creative and down-to-earth in approach and provide person specific suggestions, and feedback surrounding any results undertaken and the implications of these.
  6. Identify a clear and precise agreement on the proposed scope of these methods, the degree of confidentiality of information obtained, the form of the intervention, the expected outcomes, the time frame and the cost.
  7. Discuss and re-evaluate the appropriateness and achievability of stated aims and negotiated adjustment of them if necessary, be flexible.

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