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Corporate golf days or golf retreats with a psychological golf training  are highly valuable and productive days for those business enthusiasts who love the game of golf and want an insight into specific performance strategies that can be used on the golf course. They are also an ideal way to showcase your company to clients and a great way for rewarding existing colleagues for their hard work and contribution to your company. Recognising the importance of enhancing and fostering positive relationships with clients and colleagues, Louise offers a professional and friendly service consistent with the high quality work she undertakes with various professional and amateur athletes, managers and coaches.

The day is tailored to suit your company’s needs, but predominantly focuses on dual use skills, such as mental skills that you can apply on the golf  course and mental skills you can use every day in your business environment.    The day starts with small workshops where you will be profiled from a psychological perspective about your golf game and can also have the option of be profiled for your business. Proven mental skills that professional golfers and athletes use are shown in the workshops and practical sessions, these skills will not only be highly beneficial for your golf but highly beneficial for your lifestyle and business. Session examples –  workshop and practical are show below:

  • Profile of our golf game (psychological perspective golf and business response optional).
  • What type of golfer are you? (individual motives).
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety on and off the course.
  • Psycho-physiological monitoring. individual monitoring of your stress levels, brain states with tangible evidence shown of your results.
  • How to think productively, be more self confident and have greater self belief.
  • Productive goal setting and monitoring (golf and business options) – setting individual goals (business and golf).
  • How to stop the YIPS.
  • Improving your concentration and focus – what type of focus do you have and how you can control it on the course and for your business.
  • Controlling your emotions and using your emotions to be more productive on the golf course and in business.

These are just some examples and the day can be structured to suit your clients and employees needs.

Golf Venues:

Louise provides corporate golf days and retreats across the UK and Ireland and has built strong relationships with championship and local golf clubs which have excellent facilities such as high quality workshop and conference rooms, up to 5 star accommodation and on site  spa and leisure facilities.  Depending on the venue and your budget up to 30 of your employees or clients can attend the day. For further information and discussions on suitable venues and how the day can be tailored to suit your work force or clients, please contact Louise for a discussion.

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