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Louise Ellis is a BASES Accredited Sports Scientist CSci.  psychology support) who works with professional golfers on the European Men’s Tour, America’s EGolf Professional tour (feeder tour to the PGA), Challenge Tour,  Euro Pro (developmental tour) and Ladies European Tour. Current clients include European tour winners, EGolf Professional tour winners  and amateur golfers representing England, Louise also provides support to keen recreational golfers wishing to improve their handicap.

Drawing upon sixteen years’ extensive experience in the area of sport psychology and previous successful consultancy in golf and with other athletes, Louise applies a combination of proven strategies, golf psychology research evidence and individual approaches to suit the golfer’s performance needs and requirements. In 2009, Louise became the first accredited sports scientist (sports psychology support) in the UK to specialise in the latest Biofeedback and Neurofeedback which enables her to monitor a golfer’s individual stress levels / emotional levels, muscular tension, brain states, respiration & heart rate in response to mental changes and injury recovery.

Louise applies Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training and monitoring which enables the golfer to be presented with tangible evidence about their real time stress and muscular tension levels, emotional states, respiration rates and brain states. Individual programmes and techniques are then provided to the golfer to help with their preparation, performance and recovery after a tour event (see case studies below).

Here are a few examples of the areas Louise can support you with:-

  • Performance enhancement: integrating a range of sport science, psychology and biofeedback / neurofeedback principles into the golfer’s yearly training schedule.
  • Dealing with pressure / controlling anxiety of the mind (cognitive anxiety) and body (somatic anxiety).
  • Managing emotional changes surrounding competition and during a round.
  • Removing performance blocks / helping a golfer recover from under-performance.
  • Pre-competition preparation & effective use of psychological skills.
  • Post competition coping strategies.
  • Improving golf confidence and overall self belief.
  • Injury management, personal development & well being – holistic support to facilitate the healing and recovery process (see Louise’s blog)
  • Improving and managing attentional focus and concentration in response to course situations and shots.
  • Monitoring and tracking of mental fatigue throughout the season / Mental and physical recovery (tapering and peaking, periodisation / planning training schedules to include mind to body recovery).
  • Effective use of stress management techniques.
  • Removing YIPS

A Professional and Amateur golfer case study

A Professional golfer who had formely been a winner on the men’s tour had been performing below his bench-marked standards and had been becoming increasingly frustrated for a period of time. Within a month of having a full psychological profile with Louise and integrating psychological techniques into his golf training and combined with joint work with his coach – the player won on the professional tour.

An amateur golfer had been playing off a 7 handicap for some time and approached Louise in the off season as he felt stuck at this performance level and it was beginning to cause him some frustration. This mind set was also transferring into his overall game and in particular his putting game. The golfer also wanted to see what else he could be doing above physical practice. Within the first season of working with Louise on his ‘mind’ game, the golfer successfully reduced his handicap from 7 to 5 and won a number of competitions in the process.



Packaged or yearly training and monitoring

Using a full psychological profiling approach – the golfer is profiled and a training plan is devised around their tour schedule. Applying the above principles of discussion, observation and reflection and using a range of individualised techniques, the professional golfer will also be fully supported during agreed scheduled practice sessions and named competition. Packaged or yearly programmes enable regular observation and monitoring and ensures the ‘performance strategies’ and individual tools are being practised to the highest quality and become part of the golfer’s regular behaviour prior to, during and post competition. Sessions are planned around the golfer’s schedule and accounts for tapering, peaking and periodisation. Number of sessions and time frame are agreed on an individual basis and based on the profile results / individual situation/needs of the professional golfer.

*Day training

Louise offers one-to-one day or weekend sessions of the highest quality in the golfer’s environment. The golfer is taken through a range of psychological tehcniques on and off the course. Day sessions are highly experiential and the golfer is supported to integrate individualised techniques and tools surrounding and during practice. Profiles can also be taken during the day or weekend so the professional golfer has awareness of the areas they could work on in the future.

For a confidential discussion, please contact Louise. Emails and phone calls are directly received by Louise Ellis and no third party.


A range of golf psychology consultancy is offered to suit amateur golfers. Amateur golfers can have a psychological profile of their game lasting 2-3 hours, interventions to focus on the core areas arising from the profile are provided in the session, the profile is also sent to the golfer. The amateur golfer can opt to have follow up sessions to focus on additional areas from the profile or can focus solely on the immediate areas arising from the profile session. A follow up session is normally recommended to assist with adherence and ensuring the amateur golfer creates a pattern of change with their mental game. Alternate options are 3 or 6 session blocks to focus on areas from the profile.


Please note due to the volume of emails – I regrettably, cannot respond to educational inquries from students requiring career advice or comply with requests for work placements (due to client confidentiality). Thank you for your understanding.

For more information on the area or to learn about how you can have a programme devised to develop your golf mental game, contact or visit the Home page.

Louise also provides Corporate Golf Days for the corporate world and golf retreats for professional and amateur golfers.






Golf is a game of the mind

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