Louise Ellis MSc BA (hons) PGCLTHE is a level one and two qualified Reiki practitioner providing Reiki to individuals in sport, business and life in Chester and the surrounding areas. Louise is also an accredited sports psychologist and performance consultant at the highest level. She provides Reiki to individuals to support them on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. For more information on what Reiki is, how it works and how Louise provides Reiki please read the following sections:-

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful method of healing that stimulates the flow of subtle energy, encouraging positive changes throughout the body. Reiki is based on the principles that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us which causes us to be alive. If a person’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to suffer from sickness, feel muscular aches, pains and stress, if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Life force energy is based on the ancient meridian system first understood by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Meridians are the main energy pathways in the human body that carry energy to all the systems in the body. Meridians work similar to the veins in your body but instead of transporting blood, oxygen and nutrients, they transport energies. This energy is called qi pronounced chi, qi flows continuously from one meridian to another, if a person’s vitality or energy is low it is an indication that the body’s organs or tissues are functioning poorly, therefore the qi flow is inadequate.

What causes energy flow or qi to be low?

During periods of emotional, mental and physical stress caused by life situations, such as pressure, over work or over training and environmental changes, these energy systems can become blocked or disrupted. When your meridians are blocked or disrupted, illnesses, injuries or diseases can occur. An increasing number of people in sport, business and life use Reiki, organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS) now provide reiki as an alternative medicine because it’s proved useful with stress related problems, acute injuries and in surgery. Reiki has been known to speed up the recovery of broken bones and increases the recovery rate in people with physical or mental ailments or injuries. Research conducted into women who had abdominal hysterectomies revealed that those who had Reiki before the surgery were more relaxed and the surgery time was reduced from 72 minutes to 59 minutes, less medication was also required afterwards. This is just one of many studies into the effectiveness of Reiki and alternative medicines.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki treats the whole person including mind, body, emotions and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. It can boost the immune system and unblock trapped energy. Reiki is also a powerful technique for stress reduction, relaxation and also promotes the body’s own healing potential. Reiki can be used as a general boost or for anyone lacking energy or a useful tonic for those in stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles, or those with nothing wrong. The efficiency of Reiki healing lies in stimulating and revitalising this energy flow. The most important aspect of this procedure is that the whole body is worked on from head to toe.

How does Louise provide Reiki?

I use a combination of traditional and intuitive approaches to Reiki. Initially I scan the person’s body to locate the source of the blockages within the person’s body. The majority of time hands are placed near or over the person unless there is a direct injury where gentle hand placement may facilitate the process. I combine this scanning process with intuitive methods to determine where there is a disruption of energy in the person’s body. I also focus on the chakra system where possible sources of malfunction in the subtle energy system can occur. Depending on the individual’s energy flow I may either place the hands over the body in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body or use the scanning method. The method of receiving Reiki is a very simple process, in the majority of cases reiki is provided to the person lying down, if the client is unable to lie down the treatment can be provided in a sitting position, this is a personal choice of the client and based on whatever makes them feel the most relaxed and comfortable. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. Treatments can take from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. If you would like to know more information please contact Louise on or on 0787 238 1021.

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