Louise Ellis is a leading British Association of Sport Exercise Sciences (BASES) Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist (in Sport Psychology Support). She is also a Chartered Scientist (CSci) and provides face-to-face and online consultancy to support athletes, performance artists and businesses across the World of Sport & Performance.  Louise is Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology at a University, and has also been a Programme Director of Sports Psychology. She is vastly experienced in the area of sports psychology and as part of good practice she has undertaken several periods of successful re-accreditation as a BASES Sports Scientist in Sports Psychology support (1998 until next Re-accreditation in 2019).

Louise provides live online sports psychology & performance consultancy to professional & amateur athletes and coaches from Aberdeen, she also provides one-to-one consultancy in person in the Aberdeen area. Louise is an experienced consultant, she is a former senior lecturer and programme director of sports psychology at two UK Universities.

Her clients include professional footballers, professional boxers & golfers, show jumpers and athletes performing at World Championship level in a range of sports across the World of sport. Louise applies unique approaches and performance strategies to empower the performer and support them with the demands of producing a consistent, high level of performance. She adapts her consultancy based on 17 years of applied experience, latest research and athlete / performer feedback.

A former Commonwealth games international hockey player, Louise understands the range of emotions that can occur in the high pressure performance arena and works effectively with athletes, coaches and performance artists through her holistic approaches.

Online or In person Consultancy:

Online Consultancy: To book a live online Skype / Messenger face-to-face Video, Voice or Instant Typed Chat appointment with Louise Ellis in the privacy of your own home or training camp please contact Louise.

Further information about the nature of Louise’s sports psychology work and how it can support an athlete or performance artist is featured on the Sports Psychology at Athlete’s Mind page. For more information on how Louise can support your performance from a holistic and intuitive perspective using alternative methods such as Reiki and intuitive perspectives please visit the mind, body, spirit in performance page.

There also more detailed sport dedicated pages for golf performance & psychology, football performance & psychology and boxing performance & psychology throughout the site, you will see from the testimonial page and from various pages throughout the site, Louise has worked across all sports.


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