Louise Ellis is BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology) and a senior lecturer in sport psychology at a UK University.  Louise  is an active researcher in the area and has, for example, published work in sport psychology and biofeedback in peer reviewed books or journals (e.g.  Global Practices and Training in Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance: A Case Study Approach – Chapter 11, p.88).


As a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology), Louise offers one-to-one sessions in person and also online.    Athletes can  book online sessions in the privacy of their own home. Clients can engage in short term or long term programmes of work depending on individual needs and requirements.

Louise’s work ranges from performance enhancement to supporting athletes with performance recovery and injury.  Some athletes contact Louise  to work on specific areas such as; increasing confidence; removing performance blocks; improving anxiety control; developing focus under various performance conditions or learning how to increase and reduce intensity levels. Whatever the reason, training the mind and body to work collectively and efficiently during and outside practice is immensely personal and no two athletes are the same. Each training programme will be different based on the individual qualities of the athlete and characteristics of the sport.

To book your one-to-one, telephone or email appointment with Louise email Louise or use the contact form.

 support (1998 until next Re-accreditation in 2019).

What work does Louise do with athletes?   Louise Ellis is one of few Bases accredited sports scientists (psychology support) trained in the specialist area of Biofeedback & Neurofeedback (psycho-physiological monitoring). This enables Louise to monitor physical changes in an athlete in response to any mental changes they have endured surrounding competition. For example, Louise can monitor an athlete’s muscular tension, stress levels, brain states, respiration & heart rates and provide tangible evidence to the athlete. Louise’s work ranges from supporting the athlete with mental preparation, performance enhancement and performance recovery.  Louise also supports athletes to maintain or regain confidence; remove performance blocks; improve anxiety control; control aggression and anger to developing focus under various performance conditions. Her expertise has been called upon by top professional athletes, leading brands and organisations.

Focusing on the individual:  Louise provides a combination of holistic, intuitive and scientific  (biofeedback / neurofeedback) based approaches to support the mind, body and spirit of the athlete. Programmes are tailored to suit the individual needs of the athlete and characteristics of the sport. Even when Louise works with a team, the individual athlete and their personal approaches to performance are focused upon. Every athlete is unique and prepares differently for performance and to peak for performance.  In order for an athlete to produce a consistent level of performance or peak for performance the three major systems such as the brain, heart and respiratory system need to work in synch. That’s why you can be assured holistic programmes are developed and athletes are psycho-physiologically monitored in order to provide tangible evidence to the athlete which improves an athlete’s understanding in the  mind to body performance / recovery process.

The following case studies demonstrate how Louise’s holistic approach supported a show jumper,  golfer and Lacrosse player to break down their performance barriers.

A show jumper

A show jumper approached Louise wanting to jump the 1.20m height class for the first time. She had never achieved this and inner-belief patterns relating to self-confidence had caused a performance block. This uncertainty was also transferring into her horse’s behaviour. Within a month of having face-to-face consultancy with Louise, the show jumper broke a personal barrier and jumped the 1.20m height class for the first time. The performer overcame a personal boundary she had subconsciously set through beliefs and unproductive thinking. With a combination of dedication to technical, physical and mind training, the show jumper has now reached the National finals and is ready to compete at the 1.30m class.


A Professional and Amateur golfer case study

A Professional golfer who had formely been a winner on the men’s tour had been performing below his bench-marked standards. Within a month of having a full psychological profile with Louise and integrating psychological techniques into his training, combined with joint work with his coach – the player won on the professional tour again.

An amateur golfer had been playing off a 7 handicap for some time and approached Louise in the off season as he felt stuck at this performance level and it was beginning to cause him some frustration. This mind set was also transferring into his overall game and in particular his putting game. The golfer also wanted to see what else he could be doing above physical practice. Within the first season of working with Louise on his ‘mind’ game, the golfer successfully reduced his handicap from 7 to 5 and won a number of competitions in the process.

Lacrosse Player

A young International lacrosse player was being physically sick due to nerves before competition, after a session with Louise and after working on an individualised programme of work the Lacrosse player has stopped being sick before competition.

Louise supports athletes across all sports to break down personal boundaries and move them forward in their sport. For further information on how Louise can support you, please contact Louise for a confidential discussion.

Examples of some of the sports Louise has worked in:

  • Professional Football (National level, Premiership and Championship)
  • Professional Fighting (boxing, combat and Kick boxing)
  • Professional & Amateur Golf
  • Tennis
  • Equestrian / Dressage / Cross Country /  Show jumping / Eventing
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Table Tennis
  • Netball
  • Darts
  • Aerobatics pilots
  • Bridge players


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