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Clarke Carlisle has spelt it out: retiring from sport can be a traumatic loss

Louise Ellis writes for The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/feb/05/clarke-carlisle-retiring-sport-professional-athletes-depression


Tennis Psychology: the psychology behind why female players grunt

Louise Ellis comments in The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10919656/Wimbledon-2014-Why-do-women-players-grunt.html


Ian Poulter & the Psychology behind his Ryder Cup Performances

Louise Ellis writes for The Guardian.

Read the article in The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/sep/25/ian-poulter-europe-ryder-cup-braveheart-psychologist


Louise Ellis & Jess Ennis present at British Airways & IMG Olympic Event

Louise Ellis & Jess Ennis present at IMG and British Airways Olympic Event

Louise Ellis, BASES Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist CSci (Sport Psychology Support) was invited by IMG to provide a sports psychology workshop for employees of Tier 1 London Olympic games sponsor British Airways. The Olympic themed day was held for BA employees as part of their nationwide MY2012 employee engagement programme.  Great Britain 2012 athlete Jessica Ennis, MBE (more…)

Loss, retirement and depression in sport

Loss, Retirement and Depression in sport

Footballers and athletes can experience loss in many ways, loss of form, loss of speed, or loss at not being able to perform through injury or  retirement.

The  severity of the psychological responses’ are often misunderstood by those involved in sport and to a certain extent by athletes themselves. Research has revealed that after retiring or stopping participation in sport either through injury or retirement, professional and elite level athletes can experience (more…)

David Beckham Voted As All Time Football God

Louise Ellis comments for Anchor Bay Entertainment

See comments in the daily mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346343/Dads-popular-David-Beckham-role-models-boys.html



Psychological response to injury – symptoms in athletes

Louise Ellis explores the psychological responses elite and professional athletes experience after injury and how this  impacts on the healing process.

Sports performers like any other group can experience loss in many ways; loss of form, loss of speed or loss of not being able to perform at the expense of an injury or loss through retirement from the game. (more…)

Golf Confidence & Performance: Psychology of golf putting

Thinking about your putting technique in between shots can make you play worse, not better, according to a new report by scientists.

Thinking about your putting technique in between shots can make you play worse, not better, according to a new report by scientists. The researchers at the University of St Andrews say that thinking too much about what you just did, even after the event, can undo talent and disrupt future performance. (more…)

Role of A Sports Psychologist, Louise's interview for the Government jobs website

Louise’s role as a sports psychologist

Read the original interview below.  See the edited interview by visiting  connexions-direct.

Louise Ellis is an accredited sports psychologist who works with professional and amateur sportsmen and women in the UK and overseas to support them with various areas of performance. (more…)

Athletes: How to beat jet lag:

A study on British Racing Drivers

For an athlete jet lag can be the difference between winning and losing. Many theories have evolved over the years about how to beat jet lag but Dr Patrick Fuller’s recent study on two British racing drivers could, he believes, be the answer to jet lag. (more…)

Sports Corporate Mind, Body & spirit

Louise Ellis featured in