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Louise Ellis is a leading BASES Accredited Sports and Exercise Scientist CSci. (psychology support) who works with Equestrian athletes at international level (including Great Britain) to Equestrian athletes who are at novice level in their respective disciplines. Louise works in Show jumping, Dressage and Cross country / Eventing and supports equestrian athletes with the psychological and mental demands of performance via face-to-face (UK) and online (World Wide) sports psychology consultancy. She also works overseas upon request.

Louise is one of few BASES Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist CSci (Psychology Support) who specialises in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback which enables her to monitor an Equestrian athlete’s muscular tension, stress levels, brain states, respiration & heart rate in response to mental changes. These areas of very important to control as any changes in the equestrian athlete’s mental and physical state can cause a change in horse behaviour and performance. Louise is then able to show the Equine athlete tangible evidence and apply a range of approaches and performance strategies to support them with the demands of producing a consistent, high level of performance. Some of the areas Louise can support you with are:-

  • Performance enhancement: integrating a range of sport science & sport psychology principles into the Equestrian / Eventing athlete’s training schedule and also at team level.
  • Injury management, personal development & well being – holistic support to facilitate the healing and recovery process. See Mind, body, spirit and recovery from performance (and Louise’s blog).
  • Improving anxiety control – anxiety and stress can bring about changes in the body and mind.
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback training and monitoring (monitoring and supporting recovery with muscular tension, stress, respiration rates, HR and brain states)
  • Pre-competition preparation & effective use of psychological skills.
  • Post competition coping strategies.
  • Removing performance blocks / Effective use of stress management techniques.
  • Improving concentration skills prior to and during a game.
  • Managing emotional changes during competition and surrounding training.
  • Monitoring and tracking throughout the season.

Louise can schedule the above via a combination of individual work and work with coaches to ensure a range of individualised performance strategies surrounding and during performance are integrated. Using and applying these approaches and tools enables the equine athlete to take control of how they apply their mind to body and provides a sense of self-belief and empowerment.

Louise not only supports the Equestrian athlete from a ‘scientific’ and ‘evidence’ based approach with Biofeedback and Neurofeedback but also supports the athlete’s well-being from a mind, body and spirit  perspective using proven alternative methods

A former international hockey player, Louise understands the range of emotions that can occur in the high pressure competition arena and works effectively with athletes, coaches and performance artists through her holistic approaches.

Further information on Louise’s consultancy services are featured throughout site. To book a confidential one-to-one appointment with Louise Ellis in person please contact Louise for further information.

Please note due to the volume of emails – I regrettably, cannot respond to educational enquiries from students requiring career advice or comply with requests for work placements (due to client confidentiality). Thank you for your understanding


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